About Tattooed Nana

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The what for the which?

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My name is Kate.

Between two husbands I’ve had two last names, plus my father’s. In April 2014, my daughter and her husband introduced me to the little man of my dreams, and I’ve had the name Nana ever since. It’s a good fit. Right up there with Mom.

I’m a retired-for-the-moment educator, when-I-feel-like-it painter, and not-so-constant-gardener. I’m a poet, playwright, actor, singer, and costumer. I’ll slip into fishnets and do the “Time Warp” when asked. I’m an Usui Reiki Master with gifted students. And, obviously, I’ve got some ink – with more to come. Always more to come.

I’m smack dab in the middle of the Baby Boom, trying to keep up with the 21st Century while rounding the corner on my sixth decade of life. Like millions of women in my generation, I’m the Crone for the New Millennium.

How do you recognize a Twenty-first Century Crone?

  • She applies Grandmother Wisdom to a digitally networked world.
  • She makes her voice heard over video games, the culture of insult that passes for “reality TV,” and the crisis-de-jour spewing out of the news media.
  • She creates an environment in which children can thrive.
  • She maintains a healthy sense of Self in a nation that is terrified of aging and the aged. And she does it all with grit and an abundance of love. And humor.

A Crone can’t go far without a great sense of humor, because she’s learned it’s essential to laugh at herself.

To be called a “Crone” is high praise.

Nope, she’s not a witch. Rather than an insult, the term “crone” is a badge of honor earned by a woman who has lived long enough to understand human nature and still address it with compassion. If this sounds like you, then we’ve already made a connection. If this sounds like someone you know, you are blessed. If this sounds like someone you’d like to meet, let’s meet!

Check out the menu at left, and see what interests you. If you’d like to contact me, send an e-mail to kate@tattooednana.com or twitter @21centurycrone.  If you have an interest in or questions about Reiki, click here. To make an appointment for Reiki services, click here.

I feel as though my life’s experiences have enhanced my Reiki practice, and I believe my Reiki practice has helped me transition into what will be the most exciting and productive period of my life. It’s great to be alive, and it’s a celebration to be a Crone.

We are the grandmothers.

We are a force to be reckoned with.

We can change the world.

We will not go quietly.