Balancing Baby Beads

Here’s another use for my favorite silicone chew beads.


Silicone teething beads can help you teach your baby to balance while sitting.

My grandson is four and a half months old, and starting to get the hang of sitting up, until – whoops! – he wobbles. Baby down! Fortunately, he’s also at the stage of the iron grip, where anything that gets into his little grasp stays there until his fingers can be coaxed open (frequently releasing strands of my hair. OW!)

Why “fortunately”? Well, why not use the iron grip to teach another skill? I pull out my silicone beads, open the clasp to make a long string, and place a bead in each of his hands about eight inches apart on the strand. Then I take the loose ends of the beads and hold the the string up straight and tight, pulling him into a balanced sitting position. If he leans to one side or the other, I pull to the opposite side and straighten him up.

Of course, eventually he decides that the beads should go in his mouth, so we take a chewy break, then start over.

Seriously, I know my daughter successfully survived her childhood, but how did I survive motherhood without these beads?!




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