Crone Gallery

Here’s where you’ll find Grandmothers and Crones in the news. And hopefully where we dispel some stereotypes about what older women do and of what they are capable. If you’d like to submit a grandmother/crone for the gallery, contact me at

The Cycle of Life

In this year’s AIDS/LifeCycle, 68-year-old Anne Stacy of Houston, Texas made the 545-mile ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles in memory of her son. Click here to read more of her inspiring story.

Anne Stacy of Houston, Texas

Anne Stacy of Houston, Texas

The Beautiful Transition

How often do you have the opportunity to watch a woman make the transition into her Crone skin?

In 1975 photographer Nicholas Nixon took a picture of four sisters standing side by side. From then on he took a photograph every year, for 40 years. The collection, which has traveled the world over the past four decades, is on display at the New York Museum of Modern Art until January 4. In November the museum also released the book The Brown Sisters: Forty Years.

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There is more to this exhibit than chronicaling the passage of time. In each woman’s posture, the lines in her face, the look in her eye, her contact with the sister next to her, we see how she has grown into herself and found her place in a family group. I can think of no better description of attaining Cronedom. To see all 40 years recorded and read Susan Minot’s evocative text in the New York Times article, click here.

The Crones of High Fashion


A shout out to Ari Seth Cohen, who, inspired by his grandmothers, has built a career – and a wonderful blog! – on photographing fashionable women over the age of 50. You can find Ari’s blog here, and if you’re a Netflix subscriber you can enjoy the documentary of his work and meet his inspirational models who remind us you’re never too old to rock a fabulous hat.

Hair’s a Stroke of Genius

Hat’s off and hair’s on to Rosemary Capitolo, who is calling on her Crone talents in her fight against ovarian cance. When she lost her hair to chemo, Rosemary just made her own – by knitting. Learn more about this brave grandmother’s story here.

Rosemary Capitolo, 71, models her home made hair.

Rosemary Capitolo, 71, models her home made hair.

MacArthur Foundation Recipients Include Women Baby Boomers

How wonderful to see Crone genius not only recognized, but rewarded. With money.

Wisdom and intellect. We need more of that combination.


Pamela O. Long, MacArthur grant recipient.

macartthur genius

The MacArthur Foundation has awarded its 2014 “genius” grants to 21 individuals, and women from the Baby Boom – and beyond – are well represented. To read more about the winners and their fascinating work, click here for the online article from the Washington Post. (Please bear in mind that I have no control over the advertising content in these pages.)




Kissing Mother Teresa


Says it all, doesn’t it? This delightful image comes from

Today I met a supreme Crone.

This energetic, affectionate woman is a grandmother of four and devout Catholic. I commented on the beautiful gold religious medal she was wearing, and she held it up for me to examine. It was 14K, round, about an inch in diameter, with an image of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta on the front. It hung from a long heavy gold chain. This was an expensive piece of jewelry.

Then this wise grandmother turned over the medal so I could see all the little indentations on the back – her grandchildren’s teeth marks.

“Every time they sit in my lap they like to teeth on it,” she laughed. “They actually bite it, but I say they’re kissing Mother Teresa.”

We agreed we could think of no one who would be more welcoming of a child’s attention than this good missionary to the poor. But I was just as touched by the grandmother who knows where true value lies.

Two thumbs up, and welcome to the Granny Gallery!