Kissing Mother Teresa


Says it all, doesn’t it? This delightful image comes from

Today I met a supreme Crone.

This energetic, affectionate woman is a grandmother of four and devout Catholic. I commented on the beautiful gold religious medal she was wearing, and she held it up for me to examine. It was 14K, round, about an inch in diameter, with an image of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta on the front. It hung from a long heavy gold chain. This was an expensive piece of jewelry.

Then this wise grandmother turned over the medal so I could see all the little indentations on the back – her grandchildren’s teeth marks.

“Every time they sit in my lap they like to teeth on it,” she laughed. “They actually bite it, but I say they’re kissing Mother Teresa.”

We agreed we could think of no one who would be more welcoming of a child’s attention than this good missionary to the poor. But I was just as touched by the grandmother who knows where true value lies.

Two thumbs up, and welcome to the Granny Gallery!


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