New Year Sweets for Your Little Sweeties

L’ Shanah Tovah! It’s Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish New Year, and time to celebrate!bit o honey

You’re not Jewish? Join in anyway. It’s always a good time to acknowledge life and renewal, and any good celebration always includes good treats.

The traditional treat for Rosh HaShanah is apples dipped in honey. The combination represents looking forward to a fruitful and sweet new year. My personal preference? Gala apples – just the right texture and flavor to mix with the richness of the honey.

Oooh…honey. Honey is drippy and sticky, and serving it to your little ones means more honey on them than in them. Bit O Honey candy to the rescue. The miniature bars can be served with apple slices, or larger bars cut up into small pieces for little fingers. Just check the label first if you have a concern about food allergies.

Here’s to a sweet and prosperous New Year!

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